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Learn more about us here at Best Liquid Vitamins.

This is where you will learn:

  • Why we got involved in nutrition.
  • Why we love natural whole food sources for vitamins and minerals.
  • And how BLV Health Watch became the popular online newsletter it is today.

Why We Got Involved In Nutrition

About Best Liquid VitaminsIt happened in my early twenties. That's the year my metabolism went totally nuts and I received a serious wake-up call that transformed my life, forever. My name is Karen Myers, and I'd like to thank you for visiting Best Liquid Vitamins and taking time to learn more about us here.

The wake-up call I'm referring to above is about an inherited gene --- the rheumatoid arthritis gene. It "woke up" in my body and threw my thyroid into a total tail-spin.

When it happened, my body began melting away to skin and bones.

Over a 6 week period I dropped from a very healthy 121 pounds down to a mere 89 pounds. The bizarre part to this story was that I was consuming anywhere between 3,000 and 6,000 calories per day! And yet, I felt like I was starving all the time.

It was a scary period for me...

My doctor at the time ran a ton of tests, every blood test you can imagine, and only the rheumatoid gene showed up. In those days (early 70's) he didn't take alternative health options seriously. His advice? There will eventually be some crippling, nothing we can do about that. When you start feeling pain or stiffness - take aspirin.

That same year I started seeing a new chiropractor who informed me I also had osteoporosis in a small area in my back.

Imagine. I was only in my early twenties and my body was beginning to look and feel like a total wreck.

The entire experience was a HUGE wake-up call for me to start taking positive health steps. It was also the beginning of my journey into alternative health options and my serious study of better health through nutrition began.

Why We Love Natural Whole Food Sources for Vitamins and Minerals

When you struggle almost daily with any health challenge, you tend to take what you eat and what you drink a bit more seriously.

In the case of the rheumatoid gene, you know there are certain foods that can be quite inflammatory, other foods and juices that can be quite soothing, and still others that can make you feel like a million bucks!

The more I tried to learn about which foods to avoid, the more fascinated I became... particularly when I discovered how some foods can react together -- in some cases producing the opposite effect they would have when eaten independently.

My fascination with using whole food sources for vitamins and minerals grew significantly when I discovered juicing.

Now, thanks to my juicer, I could enjoy the benefits of the entire fruit or the entire vegetable (for most fruits and vegetables -- not all). And greens, when mixed properly, could produce some truly stunning results, immediate results that I could actually see.

Needless to say, a few experiments turned out really bad. Ugh!

Don't get me wrong... I still supplement on occasion, particularly at certain times of the year when fresh produce is hard to come by. And I work closely with health professionals, regularly consulting my doctor, chiropractor, nutritionists and an excellent nurse practitioner in our area when the need arises.

How BLV Health Watch Evolved

I'm one of those kinds of people that when I discover something exciting or learn something important... I want to share it with the world. That's when I started the small newsletter -- BLV Health Watch -- which I used to write about once per month.

Over time, news on natural sciences seemed to be catching up with my enthusiasm for the subject and the frequency of BLV Health Watch articles increased...

Then came the proliferation of food safety issues which seemed to be occurring with increasing frequency and our BLV Health Watch Blog was launched in an attempt to keep up with the news.

Next came the health scares like "Bird Flu" and "Swine Flu" ...and the realization that there were so many new anti-biotic resistant emerging diseases popping up.

What began as a simple bi-weekly newsletter grew into Blog Alerts on health news in addition to our monthly newsletter covering breaking news on the natural sciences front.

To be honest, we had no idea the BLV Health Watch Blog in addition to our regular newsletters would grow to be so popular.

After all, it is not written by a fleet of doctors or other health practitioners... it's just loaded with the new information we tend to come across in our own enthusiasm and passion for the subjects of natural health. It is not intend to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. (In fact, you can see that in our disclaimers at the foot of every page here on our website.)

It is intended to enlighten, to share, to educate ...and in some cases, even entertain.

Sometimes very serious... sometimes light and fun... always from the point of view of someone who truly believes we can get so much from natural whole food resources on this remarkable planet.

The bottom line is this -- we're happy to share everything we learn with you through BLV Health Watch and hope you enjoy each and every issue. Thank you for visiting us!