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Exotic Superfruits of the World

Superfruits exist around the world in some of the most unexpected places. Learn more about superfruits of the world, how important they can be for their health benefits, nutrition, vitamins, minerals... And discover why superfruits are under the microscope for health and wellness.

What is a Superfruit?

Although originally a marketing term that sprang into being in the food and beverage industry in 2005, the term superfruit has become common in many forms of media, including popular nutrition, health and wellness magazines and is growing in popularity as a term used in many health and wellness news stories.

strawberries as superfruitsIn marketing, superfruits have been called ... "the future of health" ... "fruits of the future" ... "super heroes of functionality" ... and ... "heroes in the natural food marketplace." More than a dozen industry publications on functional foods and beverages have referred to various exotic or antioxidant species as superfruits with estimates for some 10,000 new product introductions in 2007-8.

Even so, superfruits have not been defined by scientific criteria that would allow consumers to objectively assess nutrient value and potential for furnishing health benefits. Consequently, the term superfruit is used liberally to include a growing list of common and rare fruits, some having sparse scientific evidence for being "super."

Seriously... if one were to look at the powerful nutrient profiles of common fruits such as strawberries and oranges... by industry standards, they would qualify as superfruits.

For our purposes, we're creating this section to look at the more exotic superfruits... fruits that (for various reasons) can only be grown in certain regions of the world in order to achieve a fuller nutrient profile.

Our Definition of Superfruits

So, here is our definition of superfruits:

Although many fruits have certain properties that may be good for certain ailments or conditions, in our definition... superfruits have exceptional properties, extremely high health promoting compounds which could help to fight certain diseases and ailments.*

However, we further believe to be called a SUPERFRUIT rigorous scientific evidence must be available on the health benefits to be gained from including the fruit in one's diet before we consider it for inclusion on this website.

Equally important, because much of the science for superfruits included here will be relatively new, the relative health benefits for each superfruit may change as further research becomes available.

And as we stated earlier, we'll be focussing on exotic superfruits, those found only in specific regions of our planet -- not common around the world.

List of Exotic Superfruits

The list of exotic superfruits will grow as we add more content... and as new studies become available regarding discoveries around the world. For now, we'll begin with one superfruit that early science indicates may have powerful benefits with respect to osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis in addition to its antioxidant properties -- the Indian Gooseberry (aka amla).

  • Goji Berries
    The amazing goji berry and what makes goji berries so amazing are explored in this article inside our Superfruits of the World section on nutrition.
  • Indian Gooseberry Amla
    The Emblica officinalis, aka Amla, aka Indian Gooseberry is enjoying a great deal of attention from the science community as a superfruit with extraordinary health benefits. Learn more about the amla fruit in this superfruits article and find out what powerful benefits it may hold.

More superfruits coming soon...

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