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Ease Into Exercising For Weight Loss With These Easy Exercises

Exercise from home with simple free weights.

The hardest part about losing weight might possibly be -- exercise. You don't need me to tell you how valuable it is to your health*1. You've probably already heard it a thousand times - or more.

Knowing it, and doing something about it -- well, those are two different and conflicting feelings, am I right?

So let's start with something EASY. Easy exercises might make it more appealing ... and just might help you get into exercising in a much more enjoyable way.

You don't have to start out with an expensive health club membership -- or turn your house into a mini gym with these simple exercises. For example, here's one that only requires a kitchen counter to hold onto:

Easy Exercise - Kitchen Counter Hop

Simply lean on your kitchen counter, and hop gently in place from one foot to the other, while you listen to music or watch a ball game. It exercises your arms as well as your legs.

Start by doing 5 minutes if you can, and increase in 1-minute increments. After a week or two, you might find yourself wanting to do even more vigorous exercises, like walking, bicycling or light aerobics. Good For You!

Too simple for you? Or maybe you want more suggestions? Great!

Simple Stretching Exercises

The best way to begin exercising - and/or begin any exercise program - is with warm up and stretching exercises. We've uncovered a real gem of a webcast from U.S. News (in partnership with which gives an excellent starting point for anyone starting out. Click here to view this easy exercises webcast in a separate browser window.

Another Great Easy Exercise Resource

"Power of 10: The Once-a-Week, Slow Motion Fitness Revolution" by Adam Zickerman, Bill Schley: here's a book that has been receiving some "rave reviews" over at "Power-of-10 is a full-blown fitness revolution-based on a remarkably advanced yet simple discovery: By lifting weights in a series of ultra-slow movements that last 10 seconds each, you can stimulate lean muscle formation far more efficiently and safely than regular weight lifting or aerobics. Together with a healthy nutrition plan and a focus on rest and recovery, Power-of-10 is so effective that as little as one 20-minute workout per week is enough to build muscle, burn fat, and improve cardiovascular health at any age. No wonder people find it hard to believe, Until they try their first workout!"

Another great book on the subject of easy, safer, slow exercising for fitness and overall health, try

Final Comments On Easy Exercises

Here at we care about you. Be good to your body... and more importantly, be kind to yourself. Create ways to reward yourself (healthy rewards, please) for each and every step you take towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

Supervised Exercise Programs For Weight Loss

Note: If you are facing any health challenges and/or you are in an elderly age bracket we highly recommend you consult with your physician before making any major changes in your regular habits may even wish to begin your new fitness routine with a supervised exercise program put together by a professional certified trainer. Consult your doctor for his/her recommendations.

We also highly recommend you add a minimum twice daily serving of Soy Protein to your diet. You'll want the benefits the amino acids in your system. If you tend to skip breakfast - don't! At the very least, mix up a delicious smoothie or even a Soy Protein Shake meal replacement to start your day.

And women, don't forget your CALCIUM!! Check out our Nutrition Center for more information on calcium and why, particularly when exercising, women need to pay close attention to their CALCIUM intake.

Additional Sources And Resources for Easy Exercising