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The Amazing Goji Berry

"The Goji berry is quite possibly the most nutritionally dense food on our planet!"

Considered a nutritional marvel by experts, the tiny goji berry deserves recognition for its functional food potential. We've moved it into its new location here at Best Liquid Vitamins, under the category "Superfruits of the World."

"In fact, goji was declared to be a superior herb as early as the first century A.D. when it was extolled in the Divine Farmer's Handbook of Natural Medicine (Shen Nong Ben Cao), perhaps the most important text in the history of Chinese medicine."

Source: Goji - The Himalayan Health Secret

Imagine -- a tiny berry that contains more beta carotene than CARROTS.

Picture this -- a berry that contains more Vitamin C than oranges!

Even more amazing -- a berry that contains germanium... unheard of in any fruit!

And totally incredible ... the wonderful side effect ... it makes you smile.

Known as the "happy fruit" goji berries have been praised for centuries as a source of energy and longevity in Asian cultures and medicines.

With over 34 KNOWN HEALTH BENEFITS provided by this tiny berry already proven in independent scientific studies, we sincerely believe goji berries have earned the Superfruits status for which it has been recognized in other media publications. Click here to learn more about the goji berry now.