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Featured Nutrition Articles and Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Featured Nutrition Articles

What You Need to Know About Lactose Intolerance: Calcium is essential for the growth and repair of bones throughout life. If you are one of between 30 and 50 million Americans that are lactose intolerant, chances are high that you cannot get your calcium needs met by drinking milk, the most common source. Learn more about lactose intolerance to discover more options...

Whole Food Sources for Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber: What secret do strawberries have that make them so beneficial around second-hand smoke? Did you know that beta carotene is not the only good thing about broccoli? What is the most versatile vegetable for juicing? Check out our ever expanding list of whole food sources for essential vitamins, minerals and fiber!

Our Favorite Nutrition Tools and Gadgets

Our favorite Juicing MachineIf you love juicing, or if you are just starting out, we think you'll love this awesome juicing machine by Breville!

The Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus (available at is loaded with features that make juicing fast, and fun.

You get 850-watts of power that can produce an 8 ounce glass of juice in 5 seconds! Its patented micro mesh filter keeps the juice flowing and the pulp out. BONUS: All parts, except for the motor, are dishwasher safe! Click here to visit and learn more about this awesome juicer.

Best Books on Nutrition

Some of our Favorite Books on Nutrition

My favorite place is the public library but when I can't find the books I'm looking for, specifically GREAT BOOKS on NUTRITION, I head over to to browse through their magnificent selection. Above, you will find a few of my personal favorites with respect to nutrition. Enjoy!

Coming Soon to Best Liquid Vitamins

Coming Soon To Best Liquid Vitamins

32 Ways to Enjoy Dandelion GreensWe've been working hard behind the scenes revamping our website as well as writing a boatload of e-books, mini-books and more on a wide range of topics relating to vitamins, minerals, nutrition, health and wellness. Here is a quick look at some of the interesting items coming soon to Best Liquid Vitamins:

32 Ways to Enjoy Dandelion Greens: And more innovative ways to put the Dandelion to work for you! (Mini E-Book - Free)

Zucchini Galore: Recipes and More to put your Bumper Crop to Good Use! (Full E-Book - $29.99)

Pure Energy! Our Top 10 Juicing Recipes for Energy and Stamina (Special Report - Free)

Don't miss out.    Click here to bookmark/add this web page to your favorites today!

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